About Dr. Kong

Dr. Kong was established in 1999. We were the first to promote our innovative “Check & Fit” foot assessment and insole fitting service and provide free professional foot assessment to people of all ages. We provide healthy shoes and foot care products for babies, children, adults, and the elderly so that everyone can wear comfortably and healthily. According to our customer's feet condition, we recommend the most suitable and economical foot care products.


"Foot assessment and insole fitting service"

All our customers can identify and understand their foot conditions by using our 3D intelligent foot scanner in order for them to choose the most suitable healthy shoes, insoles, or foot care products.

Foot Assessment Procedures

"Check & Fit"


Dr. Kong understands the parents' concern of footcare for children. We provide Kid's Insole ABC healthy shoes and foot assessment. “Check & Fit” foot assessment and insole fitting service has obtained Hong Kong standard patent certification. A, B or C insole and healthy shoes are recommended according to kid's foot condition so that their foot can have healthy development.