New Bonus Point Membership

Brand new bonus point membership

With only $30 membership fee, you can become Dr. Kong member enjoying a two-year membership plus the following privileges:

【Welcome gift】One pack of healthy socks($59)
【Earn bonus point】Purchase $1=1 bonus point. Bonus point can be used to redeem designated product
【Double bonus point】Double bonus point can be earned at the first purchase of birthday month
【Bonus Point = $】25 points=$1, purchase over $300
【Member price】Exclusive member price for designated products
【Foot assessment records】Keeping family members’ foot examination records

Please visit our stores to apply!

Terms and conditions of Dr. Kong membership bonus point scheme:

1. Membership application

1.1 Application method: To apply, please register by filling in personal details (name, gender, mobile number (Only for the following regions: +852 Hong Kong, +853 Macau and +86 Mainland China) (“Mobile Number”), month and year of birth, email address (collectively referred to “Personal Data”)) and verification code at Dr. Kong’s membership registration webpage (Hong Kong and Macau store). After filling in the information and paying the membership fee, the application process is complete and the membership becomes effective immediately.
1.2 Applicants must fill in all the required Personal Data in the application form by providing true and accurate information. If the applicant fails to provide the above regional calls for verification, they will not be able to earn and redeem points.
1.3 Each Mobile Number can only be used to make one application.
1.4 If a member needs to amend his or her personal information, he or she could login to Dr. Kong’s webpage at for amendment.
1.5 The month and year of birth can only be changed once.
1.6 Membership lasts for two years from the date of application.
1.7 Member should provide the registered phone number when purchasing.

2. Membership bonus point

2.1 Earning bonus point

(a) Members can earn bonus point by purchasing any products at Dr. Kong’s stores in Hong Kong and Macau. The bonus point earned is calculated according to the actual amount paid based on Dr. Kong’s cash register system in HKD$1 to 1 point ratio.
(b) The bonus points are valid up to 31 Mar each year and will become invalid upon expiry. The bonus points will be reset to zero on 1 Apr each year.
(c) Bonus point will only be credited to valid account.
(d) Bonus point can only be accumulated in one member account. It cannot be transferred or combined with bonus point in other accounts.
(e) Bonus point is recorded in the system instantly and can be used at the next purchase.
(f) Member can enquire bonus point balance through staff by visiting Dr. Kong’s Hong Kong and Macau store. The bonus point balance is also shown in receipt.
(g) Double bonus points can be earned at the first purchase of the birthday month provided always that the reward is redeemed once within any period of 11 months.
(h) No bonus points will be given in the following situations: (i) when gift vouchers and/or uniform coupons are used; and (ii) purchase online group purchase, gifts, cash coupons and/or purchase at clearance or temporary exhibition.
(i) For exchange of goods, bonus point will be calculated according to the actual purchase amount.
(j) For return of goods, the corresponding bonus point will be deducted according to the amount incurred at purchase.
(k) If Dr. Kong suspects that bonus points are attained through fraud or dishonest means, Dr. Kong will reserve its right to deduct bonus point from the relevant account or suspend the membership.

2.2 Bonus point redemption

(a) Only member can use bonus point. The system will generate verification code to the Mobile Number to verify member’s identity.
(b) Member has to redeem bonus or purchase designated products before expiry of membership.
(c) Bonus point cannot be used at clearance or temporary exhibition.
(d) Bonus point once used is non-returnable.
(e) Products redeemed with bonus point cannot be exchanged for other products or return.

3. General terms

3.1 “Dr. Kong membership bonus scheme” is managed and operated by Dr. Kong Footcare Limited (“Dr. Kong”). If you join the “Dr. Kong membership bonus scheme”, you must be bounded by the terms and conditions (and subsequent alternations from time to time) of this scheme. All the terms are subject to the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
3.2 All information and record (including but not limited to “Dr. Kong membership bonus scheme”) must be based on Dr. Kong’s record without dispute.
3.3 For member’s interest, membership is for personal use only and cannot be transferred or loan to other persons. When using the membership, member may be requested to provide Mobile Number and/or mobile phone verification code for member identification.
3.4 Member can visit Dr. Kong store in Hong Kong and Macau in person for enquiry of bonus point, foot examination and purchase record.
3.5 Dr. Kong will send the latest member information and promotions to members by agreed contact method. Member shall provide up-to-date and accurate information to Dr. Kong. Dr. Kong will not bear any responsibilities of loss due to communication failure as a result of incomplete or inaccurate contact information from member.
3.6 For Dr. Kong membership cancellation, please call Dr. Kong customer service hotline (+852 2429 1906) during office hours. Please note that membership fee is non-returnable for membership cancellation. Member’s data and privileges will be cancelled immediately.
3.7 Any improper behaviour, fraud or improper use of privileges of “Dr. Kong membership bonus scheme” or violation of any of the terms and conditions may lead to immediate membership suspension and cancellation of related privileges. Dr. Kong may take actions to recover any loss arising from such violations.
3.8 Dr. Kong reserves its rights to amend this terms and conditions without prior notice. Dr. Kong is the sole arbitrator for any disputes arising from “Dr. Kong membership bonus scheme” or this terms and conditions. Members shall be fully bided by rulings made by Dr. Kong.
3.9 Dr. Kong reserves its rights at any time and under reasonable situation to terminate the operation of “Dr. Kong membership bonus scheme” by giving a three-month notice to members for their bonus point redemption without having to provide any reasons. All members’ rights and privileges shall come to an end and Dr. Kong shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused.
3.10 If there are discrepancies between the English and Chinese version of this terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

4. Personal Data Privacy

4.1 Members under the “Dr. Kong membership bonus scheme” are agreed that Dr. Kong (and its related companies) can use the Personal Data and all information provided by the Members on communication, product and service promotion, or other similar nature with customer (and members).